Monday, April 20, 2009

We're OPEN!

After a brief vacation, Bangkok Thai Restaurant has reopened today, April 20th, and will be serving lunch and dinner! Come in and see us...we know you've been craving your favorite Thai dish while we've been closed!

Adisak, Dewey and Ploy returned from a vacation in Thailand on Friday. Despite some political turmoil in Thailand, mostly centered in Bangkok, the Siripornsawan's had a relaxing trip and got lots of sun and ate delicious seafood.

This past weekend, Meow, Sal, Iggy, Ploy, Joy, Fabiola [sister of Sal and sister-in-law to Meow, Ploy and Joy] and two BTR VIP customers - Nicole and James - headed to Washington, DC for a whirlwind sightseeing trip. The group has realized that the vast majority of their time is spent eating or deciding where to eat next. They enjoyed delicious meals at Gaupo's, a really fun Mexican restaurant, and Cafe Deluxe, among other places. After a seven hour drive on Friday night, an entire day spent walking on Saturday and Sunday, and another long drive home on Sunday night, it is safe to say that the group is suffering from sleep deprivation and hunger pains today.

Come and see us this week - we'd love to have you. We've missed you! Remember, we also take orders to go - so give us a call and place an order for lunch or dinner!

Happy Earth Day on Wednesday - remember to think green!

Bangkok Thai Restaurant

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