Sunday, February 1, 2009

History Lesson

First and foremost - Happy Superbowl Sunday! Bankgkok Thai Restaurant is closed on Sundays, but our favorite pizzeria, Sal's, is OPEN! Sal's is located in the heart of Baldwinsville and offers arguably the best chicken wings, pizza and chicken riggies in the area. Perfect Superbowl Sunday food!

It's not too late to order your Superbowl party munchies - give Sal's a call at 638-8505.

(Why are we shamelessly plugging Sal's Pizzeria? Sal's is owned and operated by Sal Lomedico, husband of Meow (Siripornsawan) Lomedico and father of the infamous Iggy!)

On to the history lesson - -

Have you ever taken the time to read the paragrap
h on the cover of BTR's menus? Maybe not, and that's okay, because you're probably too eager to open up the menu and choose your entree! And for those who have, THANK YOU - the information on the menu is a very important part of the culture of Thailand.

The logo in the cover of our menus looks like this:

As noted on the front of our menu, this logo represents the Suphannahongse Grand Royal Barge, which was constructed during the reign of King Rama I around 1782. The barge features the figure of a golden swan carved and decorated on the bow of the barge. The ornate swan holds a crystal ball and tassel in its mouth and wears a garland around its neck. Its feathers are beautifully represented by gilded and mirrored ornamentation that appear to "flow" in the winds along the length of its carved body, all the way down to its tail. The barge was used in 1932 during the reign of King Rama VII to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Bangkok.

Here's another photo of the royal barge, circa 1865 (thanks Wikipedia):

Of course, you may still find what is offered INSIDE our menu to be more captivating, and we don't blame you.

We'll be featuring our menu here on our blog beginning today with our delicious appetizers!


1. Satay - chicken breast marinated in yellow curry and coconut milk, grilled to perfection, and served on a skewer with a side of cucumber salad and homemade peanut sauce. $4. 75
2. Tawd Mun - ground shrimp and chicken patties, deep-fried and served with a side of Thai sweet and sour cucumber chili sauce. $4.50
3. Curry Puff - two pastry puff shells stuffed with ground chicken and diced potato in yellow curry mixture. $4.75
4. Mee Krob - crispy rice noodles pan-fried with a sweet and sour orange/tamarind sauce. Sprinkled on top with a little egg and cilantro and served with a side of fresh bean sprouts and scallions. $4.99
5. Moo Dang - oven-roasted five-spice pork sliced, served with a side of fresh cucumbers and pickled ginger and topped with fresh cilantro. $4.99
6. Spring Roll - fresh lettuce, cucumber, carrots, sprouts, noodles, and pork hand-wrapped in a rice paper skin. Also available vegetarian. $1.99
7. Egg Roll - deep-fried egg roll stuffed with ground pork, cabbage, noodles, and cilantro. Also available vegetarian. $1.99
8. Tofu Tawd - deep-fried tofu served with a sweet and sour c hili sauce and topped with freshly ground peanuts. $3.50
9. *Special Appetizer* Shrimp in a blanket served with a sweet and sour chili sauce. $5.99

We often offer special appetizers. Your server will let you know if there is a special appetizer available!

This week, share with us what your favorite appetizer is!

We hope your favorite football team is victorious today!

Bangkok Thai Restaurant

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